Organizations, especially firms, are the key economic entities driving the growth of economies and ultimately economic and social wellbeing. However, most research on firm productivity does not consider the organization of a firm as an input factor driving productivity, and the ones that do do often not address the complex interactions between different parts of organizational structure.

Within the Organizations Research GroupORG, we want to study and quantify these sources of performance differences by identifying bundles of complementary activities and characteristics that drive performance differences among firms, and to study different aspects of organizations – at the individual, team, and firm level.

Our goal is to establish LMU and ORG as a prime location to do quantitative organizational research. ORG is interdisciplinary in nature and the goal is for ORG to be a unique large-scale, long-term initiative providing an infrastructure attractive in the long run to many senior and junior collaborators.

ORG was founded in early 2014 and is currently co-directed by Professors Tobias Kretschmer and Florian Englmaier and comprises junior and senior faculty as well as graduate students from the Management and Economics departments at LMU Munich. Its activities are part-financed by the German Excellence Initiative and the German Research Foundation and ORG keeps close links to the Munich Graduate School of Economics.