Course Overview

INRIVER's teaching activities focus on the Bachelor's and Master's programs of the Munich School of Management, but also support the Bachelor's in Business Mathematics and the Master's in Financial and Actuarial Mathematics.

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B.Sc. Business Administration


  • Investition und Finanzierung1 (Winter): PStO 2015: GOP | 6ECTS

Specialization & Elective Pool

  • Risiko und Versicherung (Winter & Summer): PStO 2015: F&I/WPK | 6ECTS
  • Insurance Management (Winter): PStO 2015: F&I/WPK | 6ECTS
  • Versicherungsbilanzen (Summer): PStO 2015: F&I/WPK | 6ECTS
  • Praxis der PR: Communicative Leadership (Winter & Summer): PStO 2015: WPK | 6ECTS
  • Proseminar: Case Studies in Enterprise Risk Management (Summer): PStO 2015: WPK | 6ECTS
  • Seminar: Catastrophe Risk Management (Winter): PStO 2015: WPK | 3/6ECTS

Advanced Seminar

  • Hauptseminar: Information and Insurance (Winter): PStO 2015: HS | 6ECTS
  • Hauptseminar: Insurance Demand and New Business Models (Summer): PStO 2015: HS | 6ECTS

1 Alternates with KMF, IFB and FinTech.

B.Sc. Business Mathematics

Bachelor students of Business Mathematics can take the following courses at INRIVER:

  • Risiko und Versicherung (Winter & Summer): PStO 2021: WP21 & WP9
  • Insurance Management (Winter): PStO 2021: WP9
  • Versicherungsbilanzen (Summer): PStO 2021: WP9

1 The recognition in module WP2 is carried out through a recognition application at the Mathematics exam office.


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M.Sc. Business Administration

Subject-specific foundation

  • Advanced Risk Management 1(Winter): PStO 2018: FSG | 6ECTS

Finance & Insurance

  • Insurance Economics (Summer): PStO 2018: F&I I/IV | 6ECTS
  • Reinsurance (Summer): PStO 2018: F&I II/III/V | 6ECTS
  • Value-based Management of Financial Institutions (Summer): PStO 2018: F&I II/III/V | 6ECTS

Project course

  • Projektkurs: Versicherungsmanagement (Summer): PStO 2018: Projekt F&P | 12ECTS


  • Behavioral Decision Making (Winter): PStO 2018: Wahlpool | 6ECTS
  • Aktuelle Entwicklungen in der Altersvorsorge (Winter): PStO 2018: Wahlpool | 3ECTS
  • Asset Liability Management (Winter): PStO 2018: Wahlpool | 6ECTS

1 Offered jointly with KMF, IFB, and FinTech.

M.Sc. Financial and Insurance Mathematics

Master students of Financial and Insurance Mathematics can attend the following courses at INRIVER:

  • Advanced Risk Management 1(Winter): PO2021: WP4
  • Insurance Economics (Summer): PO2021: WP3 / WP10 / WP24 / WP25
  • Reinsurance (Summer): PO2021: WP26
  • Proseminar: Aktuelle Entwicklungen in der Altersvorsorge (Winter): PO2021: WP26

1 Offered jointly with KMF, IFB, and FinTech.

Executive Teaching

Executive Master of Insurance (E.M.Insurance)

The Faculty of Business Administration offers a study program called "Executive Master of Insurance" every winter semester. This new program is developed in cooperation with the insurance industry and has a clear focus on insurance-related topics.

A detailed description of the program, personnel, and further information for interested parties and students can be found at

International Triple Degree

The Master of Science in Management - International Triple Degree (ITD) is a two-year management program offered jointly by Loyola University (New Orleans, USA), SKEMA Business School (Paris, France), and the LMU Munich School of Management. The program is entirely offered in English.

Further information can be found at

INRIVER, in collaboration with KMF, offers the following course for ITD students: