Seminar: Advanced Empirical Marketing Research


Each summer term
See LSF and Moodle
Course Format:
Four sessions
Four self-study/data analysis sessions
Seminar paper and presentation
6 ECTS: Master of Science (Marketing & Strategy, Modul III; Marketing und Strategy II, III, IV and Advanced Elective Topics in Business Administration (Theory) I-IV) according to PO 2015 & PO 2018

4 SWS: MBR module B1
Previous attendance of the Market Research course is recommended (but not mandatory)

Application required
Contact Person:
Juliane Gabel


Application required:

Please send your

  • CV,
  • Transcript of records and,
  • three concise sentences on motivation

until April, 5th 2024 12:00h (noon) to Juliane Gabel (E-Mail)

The number of participants is limited to twelve.

Details of the application and the content of the seminar can be found here (PDF, 377 KB).

Aim of Seminar

The aim of this seminar is to introduce students to applied empirical marketing research. The seminar will introduce participants to the concept of “triangulation”, where a specific research phenomenon is addressed from different perspectives using multiple methods and analyses, such as field studies (i.e., survey research), lab experiments (i.e., scenarios), and field experiments (i.e., treatment analysis).

Students will learn to develop a concise conceptual model and test their model using inferential statistics in three small-scale empirical studies. Therefore, the course introduces a variety of regression-based analytics, such as multiple linear regression, dummy regression, and difference-in-differences modeling. The data for the analysis will be provided by the lecturer.

Students will prepare a “multi-method” seminar paper on individual topics (in teams of 3-4) and present their research in front of the audience.

Further Information

Guidelines on scientific working can be found here (PDF, 560 KB)and here (ZIP, 846 KB).