Case Study Seminar with Porsche Consulting


Summer Term 2023
Presentation in front of representatives of Porsche Consulting and IMM
Contact Person:
Niko Dellner



Please send the following information to Niko Dellner,

  • CV (including information on grades and internships),
  • listing of overall grades (as generated by ISC) and
  • three concise sentences stating your motivation.

The selection of participants on the basis of application documents is conducted by Porsche Consulting and the IMM.

  • Deadline for applications: 12th of April 2023

  • Announcements of participants: 17th of April 2023


  • Kick-Off with Porsche Consulting and IMM: 20th of April 2023
  • Final Presentation: 19th of June 2023


How will we interact with cars in the future? For decades, we have been used to opening a car with a physical key, using dozens of buttons, knobs, and switches to control the vehicle, and focusing on the road while driving. Technological advancements such as autonomous driving, new mobility trends, new competitors, and changing consumer needs will fundamentally impact the future design of cars. In the future, car makers will have to provide a holistic and seamless online-offline user experience in and around the car. And smart solutions are needed for how car makers can integrate their vehicles into pre-dominant ecosystems (from Apple to Tencent).

This dynamic environment sets the context for the seminar on the topic of “In-Car Strategy”. Key questions to be addressed include the following:

  • What are relevant technology and customer trends for a customer centric in car strategy?
  • What are best practices for a (digital) holistic in car user experience (UX)?
  • How is an in car customer journey in and around the car defined? What are customer gains, pains, and moments of truth?
  • What are innovative and monetizable business model ideas (products and services) along the customer journey?
  • What is a detailed business model for a selected innovative business model you have prioritized?

Further Information

Information regarding procedure and application can be found here (PDF, 314 KB).

Detailed information regarding Porsche Consulting and the topic can be found here (PDF, 971 KB).