The activities of IMMnetwork e.V. consist among others of the following:

  • Provide support for the participation in academic conferences
  • Offer guidance to both freshman students through tutors of the “Orientierungsphase” as well as students in later years
  • Advance career development

Activities also include the creation and maintenance of a network of former and current IMM students and employees beneficiary to all network members. The yearly highlight is our annual summer party which helps cultivate and strengthen the relationships among our alumni.

Ideas for future activities range from leisure activities, alumni sponsorship and support of excellent students to company membership or collective visits to academic conferences. Further ideas are always welcome! Certainly, not everything can be implemented immediately but we are looking forward to improving and extending the activities of the IMMnetwork e.V..

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To join our alumni club, please fill out our alumni form as Word (DOC, 47 KB) or PDF (PDF, 34 KB) and send it to us either

Charter of the IMMnetwork (PDF, 31 KB)

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