Cooperation Opportunities

We offer various cooperation opportunities.

With regards to opportunities of cooperation, we usually distinguish between:

  • project seminars, project courses and bachelor and master theses
  • industry funded research projects
  • consulting projects

Project typeProject durationProject responsibility
Project seminar2-3 monthsStudents (Bachelor, Master)
Project course3-4 monthsStudents (Master)
Bachelor and master thesis2-5 monthsStudents
Third-party funded projectapprox. 3 yearsProf. Dr. Schwaiger
Consulting projectFlexibleProf. Dr. Schwaiger

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Project seminars, project courses, bachelor and master theses

Project seminars are offered each term, usually beginning in February and July. Projekt courses are offered each sommer term (April - July). Students work on specific managerial problems and develop a basis for decision-making.


  • Outstanding students - both in terms of academic record and committment - work on real world business problems in teams of two or three over a period of two to three months in the project seminar and three to four months in the project course. Students carry out a scientific and detailed analysis of a company’s problem. IMM takes on a co-ordinating role, but does not work on the problem with own staff.
  • Possible projects cover a large spectrum, e.g. market research, analysis of industry structure, studies about customers or employee satisfaction, development of market-based business-segment strategies…. The outline of the project should not be too extensive.
  • Cost-effective

There are only little differences to bachelor, diploma or master theses. These are prepared by only one student during a period of two to five months. There are no constraints on starting times.

Here you can find a selection of practice partners and worked problems from the past semesters:

Industry funded research projects

For industry funded research projects we hire people that work exclusively on that project and normally write their dissertation about it. That is why the project time frame should last at least three years. The project - at least in part - needs advance scientific research. Usually, companies address us with project proposals that are not yet or only roughly structured. Advantages:

  • The problem is treated extensively and scientifically
  • Project quality is assured by continuously monitoring the research, e.g. through research seminars, PhD classes, and a postgradual coure in business research methods (MBR "Master Of Business Research")
  • The project team draws on IMM expertise

It is conceivable that the person in charge of the project is based at the partner company.

Consulting Projects

Consulting projects are treated by the head of department and a team of cunsultants. Advantages:

  • Quick presentation of project results
  • Compliance with standards of quality and performance
  • High flexibility concerning the formulation of a problem and the services to perform
  • Have a look at some selective reference projects.