Letter of Recommendation

for Master program application, semester abroad

Requirements for a letter of recommendation (Freies Empfehlungsschreiben)

  • Participation in at least one seminar or project course offered by our institute (grade better than 2.0). Please note that attendance at our lectures is not sufficient for requesting recommendation letters.
  • CV and grade transcript
  • Motivation letter describing why you apply for a certain program (e.g., university), how you are qualified for this application and how our courses prepare you for your upcoming challenge
  • An overview of all formal requirements necessary for the recommendation letter (e.g., templates, deadline)

Application process

1. Please directly contact your (former) seminar/ project course supervisor and send all relevant documents.
2. The supervisor will appoint with you and Prof. Spanjol a 30-minutes interview.
3. Your supervisor will send the recommendation letter directly to the contact person at your respective institution.


Please note that:

  • This process will take between 4 and 6 weeks and no exceptions are possible.
  • The Institute for Innovation Management will only issue one recommendation letter per application.
  • The recommendation letters are only issued in English.