New article on medication consumption

5 Jul 2024

How do thought processes influence medication adherence?

© Anna Shvets/Pexels

Xiao, Y., Gessl, A. S., Nakata, C., Spanjol, J., Crawford, S. Y., Sharp, L. K., & Cui, A. S. (2024). Improving anti-hypertensive medication taking: The direct and interacting effects of perceived adherence difficulty, adherence knowledge, and commitment to adherence. International Journal of Healthcare Management, 1–11.

In our recent publication in the International Journal of Healthcare Management, we investigate how thought processes such as perceived difficulty, commitment and knowledge influence medication consumption. Together with an exceptional U.S. research team, Jelena Spanjol and Alessandra Gessl from the IIM provide a model for the direct and indirect effects of three cognitions on medication adherence and lay the groundwork for targeted, holistic interventions to enable patients to successfully take their medication in the long-term.

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