The Institute for Finance & Banking offers LMU members/students of the Faculties of Business Administration and Economics access to databases.

Please send an e-mail to database appointment to gain access to the databases located at Ludwigstr. 28, RB, V. Floor, Room No. 505.

Make sure the following information is included

  • when you would like to come
  • the purpose you need the data for (seminar, bachelor or master thesis, research)
  • whether you have already worked with the database
  • whether you require prelim inary introduction

It would be helpful if you could also specify the sample, variables required and the time frame which makes it easier to answer upcoming questions right during introduction.

WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services) is a web-based interface to a large number of scientific databases. The search options of WRDS are targeted to particularly meet the requirements of scientific research. Access is via personal accounts which members of the faculty may apply for. The following databases are activated in WRDS for LMU:

Database Overview WRDS

Boardex provides data on current and historical networks between companies and individuals including information on education, board memberships and remuneration of executives.

Compustat is a comprehensive database of historical balance sheet, cashflow and profit and loss variables of American listed companies.

CRSP provides market data of listed companies. The linking of balance sheet data from Compustat with market data from CRSP is made possible via the CRSP/Compustat Merged Database in which WRDS is available.

With Event Studies you can create your own observation events showing the effects of events on the capital market on companies.

Execucomp provides historical data regarding compensation structure (salary, bonuses, option programs, etc.) of managers. The database covers managers of lare listed American companies.

People Intelligence provides profile data of managers and Supervisory Board members of private and listed companies worldwide. It contains information on e. g. professional training, function and remuneration of the respective person.

Refinitiv Eikon provides detailed market data on international markets including company and M&A data. The following databases are available:

Database Overview Eikon

The After Market Research Collections comprise forecasts and opinions from industry experts and exclusive sources.

Datastream provides comprehensive access to global market data. It contains among other information daily price data of listed companies, stock indices, derivates (options, futures and credit default swaps), interest rates as well as macroeconomic time series.

I/B/E/S provides profit forecasts on listed companies.

Reuters Fundamentals (formerly Worldscope) provides earnings statements, balance sheets, cash flow reports, financial ratios, and product information for publicly traded companies.

SDC is a database specialized on financial transactions. Information on new issues, M&A transactions, syndicated loans, equity and project financing are available for download.

Orbis is a database that provides comprehensive company information globally. It offers company and ownership data, as well as financial figures for both publicly listed and privately held companies.

SNL provides data of companies from the financial sector (banks and insurance companies) comprising private and listed financial institutions/companies from Europe and the USA.