Theory & Practice

of Impact Entrepreneurship Education for Master

Quick Info: Master ׀ lecture ׀ English ׀ Winter term ׀ ECTS 3

General Information

ChairProfessorship Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability
TitleTheory & Practice of Impact Entrepreneurship Education
LecturerDr. Barbara Wolf
Weekly hours1,5
Target Group
Seminar paper and paper presentation
Course Material
All relevant course materials will be provided at the courseLSF
RotationAnnual rotation, winter semester

Course description and structure

Course Content:

This course is designed to provide participants with an overview of the Challenges in Impact Entrepreneurship, in order to train competencies for sustainable entrepreneurship and transformation. The curriculum spans a broad spectrum of topics, encompassing definitions, upskilling facets, change empowerment, as well as the formulation of sustainable solutions and organizations. Throughout the course, we will embrace a multifaceted approach, illuminating diverse perspectives and dimensions of the subject matter. Our exploration will focus on their pertinence to Impact Entrepreneurship and how they can be seamlessly integrated into impactful training and education, reinforcing both motivation and aptitudes for sustainable entrepreneurial thinking and action.

Course Structure:

The course will feature a lineup of experts who will adeptly introduce and delve into various dimensions of Impact Entrepreneurship Education. Complementing these expert-led sessions, participants will actively engage in team-based collaboration to construct their own educational case studies. These case studies will center on the creation of innovative formats for Impact Entrepreneurship Education. Teams will work on formulating, refining, and ultimately presenting their case studies, learning about competences for Impact Entrepreneurship while fostering a practical understanding of impactful educational and life-long learning and transformation strategies.




If you are interested in participating in this course, please send your grade list and CV with 2-3 sentences on motivation to Dr. Barbara Wolf

Registration deadline: 15.10.2023