Key Competences

for Impact Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Transformation for Bachelor

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General Information

ChairProfessorship Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability
TitleKey Competences for Impact Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Transformation
LecturerDr. Barbara Wolf
Weekly hours3
Target Group
Seminar paper and paper presentation
Course Material
All relevant course materials will be provided at the course LSF
RotationAnnual rotation, winter semester

Course description and structure

Course Content:

Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, the world's largest wealth manager with over $6 trillion in assets under management, states that the economy and companies are undergoing radical changes. Profit can no longer be the sole goal of companies. Instead, every company must serve all its stakeholders, including shareholders and customers, as well as employees, the ecological environment, and society in general. This course provides an introduction to Impact Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Transformation. Building upon foundational knowledge, this course aims to facilitate an in-depth understanding of the dynamic domain of Impact Entrepreneurship, nurturing participants' ability to critically assess and contribute to sustainable transformation through entrepreneurial thinking and actions. The course is designed to enable an understanding of impact on society and the environment by conveying relevant knowledge and training of competences to manage a holistic value creation by providing specific tools.

Course Structure:

This course guides you through an experiential learning journey. Participants will collaboratively work on projects to gain insights into impact, transformation, and innovation processes, entrepreneurial principles, human-centered design, and tools to better navigate sustainable entrepreneurial thinking. Additionally, participants will gain self-awareness, problem-solving skills, and the ability to implement innovative solutions. Emphasizing experiential learning and collaboration, this course enhances your knowledge of Impact Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Transformation and cultivates the skills and mindset required for entrepreneurial thinking and action.




If you are interested in participating in this course, please send your grade list and CV with 2-3 sentences on motivation to Dr. Barbara Wolf

Registration deadline: 15.10.2023