Präsentation von Dominik Bär an der ISI Foundation und am CENTAI


Dominik Bär hält zwei Vorträge an der ISI Foundation und am CENTAI Institute in Turin, Italien

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Dominik Bär, Doktorand am Institute of AI in Management @LMU, wird am 19. Juni 2024 zwei separate Vorträge zum Thema 'Political Advertising in the Digital Age: How Political Campaigns on Social Media Shape Elections' halten, die jeweils von der ISI Foundation und dem CENTAI Institute in Turin veranstaltet werden.

Abstract: Political advertising on social media has become a central element in election campaigns, raising concerns regarding fairness, accountability, and transparency in electoral processes. We will describe the results of our analyses on the dynamics of political campaigning on social media, drawing on insights from over 80,000 political ads with more than 1.1 billion impressions published on Meta during the 2021 German federal election. We explore the prevalence of targeted ads across the political spectrum, analyze how algorithmic distribution leads to discrepancies between targeted and actual audiences, and explain what characterizes an efficient targeting strategy on social media. We will also provide preliminary insights from an ongoing research project which focuses on targeted advertisement across countries and parties in the run-up to the 2024 European Parliament elections.

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