Application and enrollment now open: Basics in Programming for MMT


The applications are now open!


Use the link below to get more information on whether you are eligible for participation in the Basics in Programming course!

For those interested in the MMT and missing sufficient credits in informatics, we will be transforming our established in-person course in Basics in Programming into an on-demand, remote self-study online course.
Upon successful completion of the course (which is determined by coursework and a final exam), we provide you with a certificate that is worth the equivalent of 6 ECTS in informatics (valid for the MMT application only!).

The modus operandi will be as follows. As soon as the registration for the course opens, you will get the opportunity to apply for the course and communicate your desired start date for the two-week self-study. If we consider your profile as promising for an MMT application, you will get a two-week access to the course. During your self-study, you will work on a project and prepare for your final exam. During this time, you will get the opportunity to ask occasional questions to the supervisor of the course. After the two-week period has elapsed, you will take an exam and hopefully receive your certificate. As we want you to learn for life, please plan with a heavy courseload and thus make sure to have sufficient time at hand during your desired time slot.

As the course is tailored to the programming requirements of the MMT, it is the ideal preparation to kick-start your MMT application journey and maybe become a member of the MMT network.

Click here to get more information and apply for the course: BiP course