Economic aspects of vocational education and training

Institutions & VET Policy

Current research interests:

  • Empirical analysis of the training market in Germany (supply and demand over time)
  • Costs and benefits of vocational training from the company perspective
  • The role of works councils in vocational training
  • Company recruitment costs for skilled workers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria
  • Comparative cost-benefit analyses and simulations (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Spain)
  • The role of minimum wages in vocational training
  • Apprenticeship remuneration and global labour market openness

Supported projects:

  • "Training Quality in Companies", joint project with Prof. Dr. Harald Pfeifer (Federal Office for Vocational Education and Training BIBB & Maastricht University). Funded by the Hans Böckler Foundation. 11/2016-10/2018.
  • "Costs and benefits of apprenticeship training in Spain", joint project with Prof. Stefan C. Wolter (University of Bern). Funded by the Bertelsmann Foundation (Learning for Life Programme). 8/2014-6/2015.

Scientific memberships:

  • Member of the Economics of Education Committee of the Verein für Socialpolitik (Association for Social Policy)
  • Research Fellow, Institute of Labor Economics (IZA) Bonn.

Staff member at the Institute:

Prof. Dr. Samuel Mühlemann
Mahdi Gholami, M.Ed.