Digitalisation in wholesale and foreign trade

Exploring and testing digital teaching and learning concepts in commercial training and continuing education

Short description:

Our new project, funded by the Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Cultural Affairs, is about the exploration, further development and testing of evidence-based digital teaching-learning concepts in commercial vocational training. In addition to the processing of scientific findings and the domain analysis, innovative digital-based learning opportunities are to be designed for classic commercial occupations, in the first step for the occupation of wholesale and foreign trade management, tested in vocational school practice and analysed and discussed with experts with regard to their learning potential as well as their implementation and scalability possibilities. After such prototyping, design principles will be identified and disseminated in continuing education. With this project, we will link measures of the so-called first phase of teacher training at vocational schools with those of the second phase (the traineeship) and especially with those of the third phase of in-service and further training. To this end, it is planned to establish a network with diverse stakeholders in vocational education and training, especially in continuing and further education, in order to support the digital transformation process in the overall area of commercial vocational education and training via the differentiated approaches to initial and continuing education and training. Within the framework of this project, various courses are offered in which students can work together with StR Dipl.-Hdl. Tobias Hilz from the State Vocational School Centre Mühldorf, who will be working at the Institute for Human Resource Education & Management at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich from the school year 2021/22 on a partial secondment from the Ministry.

Contact persons:

Prof. Dr. Susanne Weber
StR Tobias Hilz, Dipl. Hdl.