Bachelor theses

In order to write a bachelor's thesis at the Institute for Capital Markets and Corporate Finance, participation in a seminar (“Hauptseminar”) is a prerequisite in addition to the mandatory preconditions of the examination regulations.

It is recommended to have participated in a seminar ("Hauptseminar") in the finance cluster (institutes of Elsas/Glaser/Richter/Riordan). This allows the bachelor thesis to be built on previous knowledge about capital markets and corporate finance. However, this is not an exclusion criterion for students who attended their “Hauptseminar” in other fields.

A thesis can be started at any time. Before starting a thesis, a nonbinding request has to be handed in. Depending on the desired start date, the request is due on one out of four dates per calendar year:

Request dates

Desired start dateRequest due
01.03. –
01.06. –
01.09. –
01.12. –

Please fill in the request form until the respective due date. We will contact you within three weeks after the respective due date.

The request is for internal purposes only and does not replace the official registration at the Examination Office. The registration at the Examination Office will be signed at the official starting date of the thesis when the spot has been granted by the Institute for Capital Markets and Corporate Finance.

The processing time of the bachelor thesis is eight weeks. After about 4 weeks of preparation, the current progress has to be presented in a colloquium.

If you need access to databases throughout the course of your thesis, please contact the Institute for Finance & Banking.

The Institute for Capital Markets and Corporate Finance regularly offers introduction to empirical research in business administration. The courses are addressed to Bachelor and Master students who are interested in empirical work in the fields of financial markets, corporate finance, and about financial consequences of any kind of business decision.

Formal requirements and citation guidelines for scientific papers (PDF, 514 KB)