Online Courses


In addition to its Bachelor and Master courses, ISTO offers several massive open online courses (MOOCs) and a specialization, i.e. certificate track, on the course platform Coursera. Interested students from LMU or external are invited to join the courses.

  • Several hours of video-taped lectures with topic-related quizzes
  • A variety of supportive measures are available to help learners increase their course understanding
  • Course language is English, but subtitles in different languages are available for internationals
  • Discussion fora enable direct learners to exchange ideas on the learning materials
  • While all courses are available individually free of charge, learners can choose to enroll in the fee-based certificate track including an industry project

The courses

  • Competitive Strategy. How do organizations behave in competititve situations, in which strategic decisions are interdependent? In this course, students learn to apply basic game theory in order to analyze organizations’ competitive strategies.
  • Advanced Competitive Strategy. How do companies build up and maintain their customer base? As a follow-up, this course explains the significance of increasing switching costs and strategic customer lock-ins. Additionally, the course discusses how organizations can increase their profits under the premises of competition and antitrust policies by e.g. price discrimination and the strategic use of network effects and economies of size.
  • Strategic Organization Design. How do organization design relates to corporate strategy? In this course, course participants will learn to consider both interdependencies within organizations as well as their embeddedness in external environments when shaping organizations.
  • Research Kitchen. In addition to the specialization courses above, this course introduces students to the world of research in brief whiteboard paper sessions.