Data Analytics for Strategy Research


Course Overview

Quantitative research, i.e. research that uses statistical methods to analyses large datasets, is one of the three pillars of modern science. Similarly, most decisions by firms are nowadays based on information from large datasets gathered and analyzed either internally by a firm or externally by a contracted agency. However, just analyzing data is insufficient in both academia and industry. The second important task for researchers and practitioners is to build a clear and convincing argument why their analysis is important and interesting. This seminar aims at teaching you both skills, analyzing data and theoretical reasoning. These skills are fundamental for writing a final theses and career building. The seminar will provide an overview on structuring theoretical arguments and different quantitative methods, before students apply both to examples in the different sessions. Finally, students will use their acquired knowledge and skills to develop their seminar papers using datasets from the institute and the software Python.


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  • Planned Start and End Date: 25.10.2024 – 23.12.2024
  • Dates with Mandatory Attendance (e.g., Kick-Off or Final Presentation): 25.10.2024 (Kick-Off), 06.12.2024 (Presentations)
  • Python Sessions: 28.10 – 31.10 (14:15 -15:45)


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