New article by Maren Mickeler: "Knowledge seeking and anonymity in digital work settings”

25 Jul 2023

How can implicit costs of knowledge seeking in digital work environments be minimized?

Last month, Maren Mickeler, PhD student here at ISTO, together with Pooyan Khashabi (ESSEC), Marco Kleine (University of Groningen), and Tobias Kretschmer (ISTO) published their new paper titled “Knowledge seeking and anonymity in digital work settings” in the Strategic Management Journal.

Organizations increasingly rely on digital organizational platforms to stimulate knowledge exchange between employees. Focusing on knowledge seekers in particular, the authors propose expected social-psychological costs and economic considerations to negatively influence individuals' search for knowledge. In two experiments, they find that both types of expected costs reduce knowledge seeking, and suggest that this phenomenon can be mitigated by anonymizing seekers.

Congratulation to all of you for your findings!

Read the open-access paper here.