Master Theses


  • You can find general information regarding the master thesis and its requirements on the website of the business administration faculty’s examination office (ISC).
  • The number of master theses accepted at ISM depends on the current capacity of the chair.


To apply, please send the following documents per E-mail to Jannik Werner (

Current application deadlines for Master thesis

The following application deadlines apply. Please note that the desired start date refers to the beginning of the thesis supervision, not to the beginning of the writing period, which starts with the application (see "Process"). This means that you will need to calculate back approximately 30 weeks from the desired submission date to derive your desired start date.

Application deadlineDesired Start Date (i.e., start of the supervision) - 31.05. - 31.08. - 30.11. - 28.02.



Before officially registering the master thesis, you will receive support in deriving a suitable topic. It usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks until the master thesis can be officially registered. Please note that this may vary depending on the chosen topic, the availability of data, or the methods used.

The registration of the master thesis at the ISC is done in consultation with the respective supervisor from the chair. After registration at the ISC, you will have exactly 22 weeks to complete the master thesis.

For students of PStO-2018 there is also a colloquium. The master thesis colloquium takes place during the course of the master thesis and is mandatory for the completion of the final module.

The overall process (PDF, 21 KB)


  • 30 ECTS in Module Abschlussmodul
  • Scope: 120.000-140.000 characters (including spacing)


Master theses at the ISM can be written in English or German. Please observe our format requirements (PDF, 521 KB) when writing your master's thesis.

The use of LLMs (ChatGPT etc.)

Handout on ChatGPT (PDF, 22,905 KB)

Recommendations for using generative and other AI tools (PDF, 86 KB)

Master Thesis Topics

Master theses at the ISM can be theoretical-conceptual or empirical. After individual agreement, the thesis can be written in cooperation with a company, if the academic and scientific requirements that apply to the title of Master of Science (M.Sc.) are met.

The ISM does not make any concrete specifications regarding the topics. This gives you the opportunity to contribute your own interests and suggestions within the framework of our research areas.

Contact person

Jannik Werner, M.Sc.

Research and Teaching Assistant & Doctoral Student

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