Bachelor Theses


  • You can find general information regarding the bachelor thesis and its requirements on the website of the business administration faculty’s examination office (ISC).
  • The number of bachelor theses accepted at ISM depends on the current capacity of the chair.


Applications are due at the end of the lecture period of the respective semester. To apply, please send the following documents per E-mail to Jannik Werner (

Current Application Deadlines for Bachelor Theses

Application Period for the Summer Term 2024:

Application Period for the Winter Term 2024-2025:
Application Period: 01.07.2024 – 14.07.2024

The writing period is divided into two waves:
1st wave: Supervision start approx. CW 44 (End October) + Kick-off Approx. CW 42/43 (Mid-October)

2nd wave: Supervision start approx. CW 50 (Mid-December) + Kick-off Approx. CW 42/43 (Mid-October)

Note: The supervision starts about 3 weeks before the official registration of the thesis
Registration: Is arranged individually with the supervisor
Note: If for reasons related to examination rules, the application deadline or none of the three waves suit you, please submit a written request (with thoroughly argued reasons) for an exemption.

Application Period for the Summer Term 2025:
Application Period: approx. CW 5/6



If you are unsuccessful in finding a topic by the registration deadline, we will allow you to try again in the following semester with a new topic. After registration at the ISC, you have eight weeks to work on the bachelor thesis.


  • 18 ECTS in the final module “Abschlussmodul” (12 ECTS for the Bachelor Thesis + 6 ECTS for the Bachelor Thesis Colloquium)
  • Scope: approx. 70.000 characters (including spacing)


Bachelor theses at the ISM can be written in English or German. Please observe our format requirements (PDF, 521 KB) when writing your bachelor thesis.

The use of LLMs (ChatGPT etc.)

Handout on ChatGPT (PDF, 22,905 KB)

Recommendations for using generative and other AI tools (PDF, 86 KB)

Bachelor Thesis Topics

Bachelor theses at the ISM are usually theoretical-conceptual in nature. After individual agreement, the thesis can be written in cooperation with a company, if the academic and scientific requirements that apply to the title of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) are met.

The ISM does not make any concrete specifications regarding the topics. This gives you the opportunity to contribute your own interests and suggestions within the framework of our research areas.

Contact person

Jannik Werner, M.Sc.

Research and Teaching Assistant & Doctoral Student

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