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Selected Publications

In descending chronological order (today-2018)
Finding Creativity in Predictability: Seizing Kairos in Chronos Through Temporal Work in Complex Innovation ProcessesOrganization Sience
A Resource-Based View on Individual Absorption in the Context of Multiple Team MembershipsOrganization Sience
Ethical Climates Across National Contexts: A Meta-Analytical InvestigationJournal of Business Ethics
A Contingency Framework for the Performance Consequences of Team Boundary Management: A Meta-Analysis of 30 Years of ResearchJournal of Management
Am I the only one? Consequences of change championing (a)symmetry on group- and individual-level change outcomesJournal of Organizational Behavior
Shine Bright Like a Diamond: When Signaling Creates Glass Cliffs for Female ExecutivesJournal of Management
No change is an island: How interferences between change initiatives evoke inconsistencies and undermine implementationAcademy of Management Journal
Illuminating opposing performance effects of stressors in innovation teamsJournal of Product Innovation Management
How does an emotional culture of joy cultivate team resilience? A socio-cognitive perspectiveJournal of Organizational Behavior
Similarity perceptions in investor reactions to acquisitions announcementsLong Range Planning
Using outliers for theory buildingOrganizational Research Methods
Cultural gap bridging in multicultural teamsJournal of International Business Studies
Toward a process theory of making sustainability strategies legitimate in actionAcademy of Management Journal
A Multilevel Review of Stressor Research in TeamsJournal of Organizational Behavior
Being Different, Being Absent? A Dynamic Perspective on Demographic Dissimilarity and Absenteeism in Blue-Collar TeamsAcademy of Management Journal
Beyond the Mean: Understanding Firm-Level Consequences of Variability in Diversity Climate PerceptionsJournal of Organizational Behavior
In or out? Exploring the inconsistency and permeability of team boundariesSmall Group Research
Team learning from setbacks: A study in the context of start-up teamsJournal of Organizational Behavior
Mitigating negative side effects of innovation project terminations: The role of innovator resilience potential and social supportJournal of Product Innovation Management
Authentic leadership and leaders' mental well-being: An experience sampling studyThe Leadership Quarterly