Anywhere Organization

Virtual work alters the way in which value is created within geographically dispersed, technology-enabled organizations.

Anywhere Organization

Virtual work alters the way in which value is created for organizations and individuals. Advancements in information and communication technologies (ICTs) enable employees to move flexibly between their primary office and other locations such as their homes, while staying connected digitally. This shift gives rise to new forms of organizing that go beyond traditional face-to-face interactions in shared physical space. However, it also changes the “rules of the game”, including the processes by which relationships are developed and maintained, resources are distributed, and attention is allocated.

Within this research area, we study the meaning and consequences of virtual work in knowledge-based organizations. Amongst others, we address questions related to the interpersonal aspects of virtuality, such as its impact on team collaboration and leadership.

Illustrative research questions:

  • How does virtual work change the way leaders lead?
  • How do teams innovate from a distance?
  • Do people allocate their attention and prioritize tasks differently when working remotely compared to face-to-face?
  • How can organizations help new employees feel part of a team and understand their culture when most work is conducted from a distance?
  • How do employees effectively balance professional and personal life within a single physical space, such as their home? What can organizations do to support this balance?
  • How do different cultural norms and expectations shape work practices in virtual multinational organizations?
  • Do organizations need to redesign performance appraisal and feedback mechanisms to cater to the dynamics of virtual work?
  • How can organizations make sure that knowledge, expertise, and skills are shared and developed in a virtual work environment?

We are open to work together with industry based on state-of-the-art quantitative and qualitative research methods. If you are interested in understanding the implications of virtuality for your organization, please get in touch with Birke Laubinger (, +49 89 21809536). Together, we will explore best practices for your virtual work arrangements.