Departmental clusters & interdisciplinary topics and Research Centers

The clusters form the framework for cross-institutional cooperation in teaching and research at LMU Munich.

The LMU Munich School of Management is structured in terms of content into clusters and cross-sectional topics. The bundling of competencies in research and teaching guarantee networked communication and professional exchange at a top level. In total, there are five clusters at the School of Management with different research foci. The clusters work closely with the Centers of Excellenceand other scientific institutions.


The cluster focuses on accounting and auditing (Accounting), corporate accounting and controlling (Controlling), and business taxation (Taxation).

The ACT-Cluster der LMU Munich School of Management

Cross-cutting topics

Legitimacy & Responsibility

Businesses need legitimacy in order to compete in the marketplace and engage with all stakeholders. The cross-cutting subject area of researching legitimacy and responsibility examines how corporate activities affect the environment and society.

Digital Transformation

Social and economic challenges such as demographic change, urbanization and climate change cannot be solved without digital technologies. The cross-cutting topic Digital Transformation explores the use of digital technologies and their impact on companies' strategies, business models, organizational structures and operations.

Information on the cross-cutting topics Legitimacy & Responsibility and Digital Transformation

Research Centers

Higher education research and governance
Prof. Dr. Yvette Hofmann
Information, Organisation and Management
Dr. Rahild Neuburger
Research Center
Prof. Dietmar Harhoff, Ph.D.