Marketing, Recruiting & Career Center (MRCC)

The MRCC is your contact for Marketing & Kommunikaton, Career Service & Alumni as well as Student Relationship & Honors Program at LMU Munich School of Management.

Marketing and Communication

  • General information on the LMU Munich School of Management or on individual chairs, clusters and of Excellence
  • Information on research projects and research content in the various institutes and Centers of Excellence
  • Advice on the degree programs offered prior to choosing a course
  • Information on activities and institutes which give the Faculty its outstanding reputation
  • Information on the Faculty magazine Insights
  • Information and content for articles in print and online

Dr. Rahild Neuburger
Tel.:+49 172 8166812
or +49 89 2180-3801
Fax: +49 89 2180-99-3801

Career Center

The Career Center advises and supports students in their individual career planning, networks them with former students and company representatives, and offers a comprehensive job exchange. The Career Center works closely with the LMU Management Alumni (in German) and therefore has numerous reputable professional partners.

Individual advice
The Career Center advises students individually on career planning and career entry topics.

Contact to experts and former students
The MRCC supports you with initial contact for an exchange with experts in specific professional fields or sectors and, together with the alumni network LMU Management Alumni (in German), helps you to build your professional network.

Jobboard - the central career platform of the LMU Munich School of Management
Use our central job portal Jobboard with numerous internships, student jobs, workshops and regular positions at interesting companies.

Dr. Bettina Wachtel

Silke Heckmann

Ludwigstraße 28
80539 München
Tel.: +49 89 2180-3261

Office hours
tuesday and thursday 10 - 12h

Student Relationship and Master Honors Program

LMU Munich School of Management aims to strengthen the relationship between students and faculty. A good relationship is an important factor for students' academic success and personal development. Therefore, LMU Munich School of Management supports outstanding Master students in an exclusive Master Honors Program.

The Master Honors Program enables honors students to broaden and deepen their academic skills through various activities, e.g. collaboration in research projects or participation in intensive courses or internships.

Prof. Dr. Yvette Hofmann
Ludwigstr. 28 VG /Zi. 012
80539 München
+4989 2180-6228