Management of Digital Technologies


Quick Info: Bachelor ׀ German ׀ Summer Term ׀ ECTS 6

General Information

ProfessorshipProfessorship for Digital Services & Sustainability
LecturerProf. Dr. Johann Kranz, Tim Kraft, Franziska Wagner, Alexander Ziegelmeier
Target groupBachelor
Course MaterialAll relevant course material will be provided during the course
SemesterSummer term
RotationOnce a year

Course Description and Structure


The course "Management of Digital Technologies" is designed to enable students to understand, analytically assess, and practically shape the cross-industry challenges, opportunities, and risks for companies associated with the use of digital technologies.

The course consists of three focus areas. The first of the three parts focuses on the management of complex IT landscapes and the acceptance and use of IT in a business context. The second part deals with digital technology trends (Blockchain & Web3, artificial intelligence, data ecosystems). The third part conveys knowledge, methods and skills relating to software development.

The theories and models covered will be applied and discussed using examples and case studies, thus deepening, and extending the content covered in the lecture. In addition, the exercise provides a basic application-oriented understanding of modern approaches to software development. This also includes the prototypical, tool-supported implementation of simple software solutions.

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