Digital Sustainability & Responsibility


Quick Info: Master ׀ English ׀ Winter Term ׀ ECTS 6

General Information

ProfessorshipProfessorship for Digital Services & Sustainability
LecturerDr. Anne Ixmeier, Franziska Wagner
Target groupMaster
ExaminationSeminar paper and presentation
Course materialAll relevant course material will be provided during the course
SemesterWinter term
RotationOnce a year

Course Description and Structure


The course "Digital Sustainability & Responsibility" deals with ecological, social, and ethical aspects of the use of digital technologies. The focus is on how the potential of digital technologies can be used to economically overcome ecological and social challenges as well as how digital technology can be used ethically and responsibly in organizations.

By means of case studies with project partners primarily from the industry, students analyze, evaluate, and work on practical and well-founded solutions for challenges at the interface between digital technologies, sustainability, and responsibility.

The course provides students the knowledge and skills to work in teams on creative, analytical, and effective solutions that harmonize economic, ecological, and social aspects. Through the course's practice-oriented approach, students develop a comprehensive understanding of the possibilities and complexity of these questions.

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Enrollment in a Masters' program


The examination consists of a written performance in form of a seminar paper and the presentation of the results followed by a concluding discussion. The course is worth a total of 6 ECTS.

For the seminar paper you have to hand in:

  • Electronic transmission of the file as Word- and pdf-document to the supervisor
  • Electronic transmission of the EndNote file and any data sets to the supervisor


Places for the seminar are limited. During the application period from around July to September (see LSF for exact dates), you can apply for the seminar by sending your application with your CV and a current transcript of records via e-mail to