Digital Innovation


Quick Info: Master (MMT) ׀ English ׀ Winter Term ׀ ECTS 12

General Information

ProfessorshipProfessorship for Digital Services & Sustainability
LecturerProf. Dr. Johann Kranz, Isabel Bienfuß
Target groupMMT Master
ExaminationShort essays, oral exam, coding project
Course materialAll relevant course material will be provided during the course
SemesterWinter term
RotationOnce a year

Course Description and Structure


The course "Digital Innovation" is designed to enable students to thoroughly understand and analytically evaluate current trends, technical and managerial requirements as well as opportunities and risks in the context of digital innovation. Students gain in-depth knowledge on how digital technologies shape and enable new business models and impact markets’ micro- and macroeconomics. Students learn how to use theoretical and practical methods, approaches, and tools to be prepared to work and shape digital businesses and create digital innovation.

The course applies blended-learning teaching concepts and consists of three focus areas. The first of the three parts focuses on the foundations of digital innovation and introduces core theories and concepts in the realm of digital innovation. Furthermore, students are introduced to key research methodologies and theories. The second deals with the intra-organizational perspective on digital innovation and portrays an overview of how firms can become digital organizations. The third is concerned with the inter-organizational perspective on digital innovation. In this regard, students are introduced to the management of digital infrastructures, ecosystems, and the critical role of data in the digital age.

The theories and models covered are used to discuss and evaluate real-world examples, case studies and fundamental research papers in the field of digital innovation. Thereby, students deepen their knowledge and apply the contents covered in the pre-class materials.

Starting in the second half of the semester, students learn about software architectures, agile software development, web programming, and code a prototypical web application.

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The examination performance comprises written and oral exams (12 ECTS).


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