Digital Innovation Lab


Quick Info: Master (MMT) ׀ English ׀ Summer Term ׀ ECTS 12

General Information

ProfessorshipProfessorship for Digital Services & Sustainability
LecturerProf. Dr. Johann Kranz, Isabel Bienfuß
Target groupMMT Master
ExaminationSeminar thesis including the development of a full stack coding project, oral examination
Course materialAll relevant course material will be provided during the course
SemesterSummer term
RotationOnce a year

Course Description and Structure


This course focuses on the application of web technologies in the context of digital innovation. Students learn the practical application of concepts, architectures, and frameworks in the field of web technology.

They use common development frameworks and work together with industry partners on solutions for digital innovation and use the agile software development method SCRUM for collaboration.

  • Students develop an in-depth understanding of common and important web technologies and development methods.
  • Students are able to design and implement a web technology-based prototype by using common development frameworks and programming languages respectively.
  • Students experience how to manage and organize an agile software development project and stakeholders in a hands-on manner.

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Enrollment in the masters' program MMT


The examination performance comprises a written performance, which includes the development of a complete programming project, and an oral examination. The total scope of the examination performance is 12 ECTS and is composed as follows:

  • Written performance (6 ECTS)
  • Oral examination (6 ECTS)


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