Personal membership

As a personal member of the Alumni Network, you enjoy many benefits and have the opportunity to give something back to your alma mater.

Your membership pays off

Your membership in the non-profit association LMU Management Alumni e.V.,

  • you promote and support research, teaching and further education at the LMU MUnich School of Management,
  • contribute to the transfer of science and practice, and
  • support the study and research conditions.

The LMU Management Alumni network is the platform for maintaining and establishing contacts and for professional exchange. This is intended to create a long-term win-win situation for all involved.

Who can become a member?

Anyone who studied, works or has worked at the Faculty of Business Administration at LMU Munich can become a member of the association.

Thus, (former) students, staff, doctoral candidates, post-doctoral candidates and emeriti of the faculty can choose personal membership.

Supporting members (private individuals and companies) are also a central part of our network. Sponsoring members support the Alumni Association of the LMU Munich School of Management financially with a higher membership fee.

With the help of the membership fees, research, teaching and further education at the faculty are significantly promoted. In addition, the association provides the institutional framework for communication and contacts and contributes to the continuous exchange between theory and practice.

The Alumni Network supports the faculty and its members in many ways. The sponsorship projects and prizes awarded are financed by donations and the membership fees. The membership fee is tax deductible.

According to the decision of the general meeting, the membership fee is currently:

Personal membership:

  • for regular members: EUR 40.00 per year
  • for graduates: Membership is free of charge in the year of graduation and the following year. Thereafter, the regular annual fee applies.
  • for students: Membership is non-contributory during the period of study at the Faculty.
  • for faculty members: Membership is non-contributory during the period of employment.

Here you can register for personal membership

Supporting membership:

  • for supporting members (especially companies): min. EUR 600.00 per year
  • we offer special conditions for start-ups, please contact us for more information.

You can find more information on supporting membership here