Infrastructure and equipment

The LMU Management Alumni network is always promoting the infrastructure of the LMU Munich School of Management in various ways.

Promotion MELESSA

The name MELESSA stands for "Munich Experimental Laboratory for Economic and Social Sciences".

The laboratory is funded by the third funding line of the Excellence Initiative and serves the experimental investigation of economic decision-making behaviour. It is intended to deepen interdisciplinary cooperation in the economic and social sciences and psychology.

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Lounge area for the library

In May 2018, after a renovation phase of almost 2 years, the Economics and Statistics Library shines in new brilliance and now offers our students the best learning conditions.

In addition to the library and the study and reading rooms, a cosy lounge area was created in the entrance hall. This area, which invites you to linger and relax, was generously funded by the LMU Management Alumni network.

The lounge area is very much appreciated by the students and enjoys lively use.

Financial support for IT projects

The support of the LMU Management Alumni network makes it possible to implement many IT projects, e.g.

  • Expansion of a modern statistical analysis software for online surveys. This software is available to all students and staff of the faculty and supports the implementation of e.g. conjoint analyses.
  • Financial support for setting up a central high-performance computer for statistical calculations and equipping it with appropriate software and access licences. The computer is intended to reduce computing times of extensive statistical evaluations with e.g. Stata or SAS to a minimum.
  • Installation of a monitor to duplicate the image projection at locations with impaired visibility in the faculty's PC training room. This should improve visibility during video-based presentations in crowded events.
  • Implementation of various software courses for e.g. SAP and statistics programmes.

The sponsorship of the Alumni Network could be continuously increased in the past years thanks to the members.