Awards and conference participation

We support young scientists by covering the costs of conference attendance for scientific staff, but also by awarding prizes for the best graduates at the faculty and for outstanding theses.

LMU Management Alumni Awards

During the 10th Faculty Day in 2013, the LMU Management Alumni Awards, donated by the network, were presented for the first time. This tradition continues to this day, and at the 2019 Homecoming event, selected students received the awards, each endowed with 500 euros, for their outstanding bachelor's and master's theses from the faculty's subject clusters.

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An important role in faculty life is played by financial support for doctoral students in their research projects and their participation in scientific conferences. Attending a high-profile conference and presenting one's own research ideas there is often an important milestone for young scientists.

An overview of the sponsored conference participants and the conference reports can be found here.

Sponsorship Awards Academic Graduation

At the Academic Graduation Ceremony, which takes place every year in May and November, we honor the best of their cohort.

Graduates who have completed their doctorate "summa cum laude" receive an endowed prize donated by the LMU Management Alumni network.

In addition, there is a sponsorship award for the best graduate in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or Business Education donated by Deloitte GmbH.

Another prize is awarded to the graduate who has achieved the best degree in the Master of Science in Business Administration or Business Education in the current cohort. This prize is donated by Münchner Kreis e.V.

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